Christian website master

 By caprisco

By caprisco

Hi! My name’s Mike. I’m a web master of the Christian website. Looking for a part-time position for 5 days a week from Monday to Friday, two, three to four hours a day.

Description: develop Christian website. Working remotely.

6  + years of experience in development and support of Christian websites. Bachelor degree in Theology. Studied in the Bible Institute.

Fluent in Ukrainian, Russian, Poland and a middle English.

Salary is negotiable.

My e-mail: 7777smm(at)gmail.com

OR :  My christian web site http://www.msmsoteria.org  If you want, you can be partners. I can publish yours translated articles. Also, I have christian websites in English, Germany, Spanish, Italy, France, Ukranian and Russian languages. We can be a partners.


Please, contact with me by filling out the feedback form.


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